Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Idiot in the Stands

When I was new at this whole coach's wife business, the brilliant comments from the geniuses in the bleachers really bothered me. But, it didn't take too long for me to realize that the average fans know so little about what is really happening on the field or court, that it was pointless to let anything they said have any effect on me. There's so much more going on than just first downs or made baskets or hits and runs. People should really save their voices for cheering for team. That's it.

Here's why I say that:

Tuesday night, the two 9/10 year old teams from Woodland played each other. Anytime classmates play against each other, it can be intense. From the tip, Devin's team was dominating the Orange, especially on defense. Our guys were on them like straight-jackets. Coach had worked hard on teaching man-to-man defensive techniques in the previous couple of practices. Our guys were clearly paying attention. The Orange couldn't even pass the ball cleanly, much less get a real shot off. Even with a nonfunctional scoreboard, there was no question about who was leading the game.

But, after halftime, our guys didn't seem to be playing as hard on defense. They weren't staying right on their man anymore. Now, Devin has yet to get a shot off in 2.25 seasons playing basketball, so the fact that he's tenacious on defense is a big deal to me. And, I cheer and get pretty vocal at games. I was encouraging our guys to toughen up on defense, to find their man, to get on them.

Little did I know that Coach had changed to a zone defense at halftime in order to give the other team a chance to shoot.....Oops. After the game, Devin says "I was getting a little confused when we changed defenses because Mommy kept yelling at me to get on my man." Double oops! Coach's response: "That's why you have to listen to your coach and not the idiots in the stands!" He winked at me as he said it.

Ladies and gentlemen...I give you..."Idiot". In my defense, how was I to know that he'd actually change defenses during a game with little kids? They've not practiced zone D at all that I know of. But then, what do I know? Which is exactly why I should've kept quiet. Lesson learned. Point taken. Shutting up now!

"Go Team!"


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  2. What a husband - calling his wife an idiot. Classy...

    1. He was picking at me. We have a sense of humor. :-)