Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Whole New Ballgame

For 8 years, Coach has worked year-round and nonstop coaching football, basketball, and baseball. These seasons all overlap, so in essence, he hasn't had a break in eight years. There's a reason why he was the only coach on staff who coached a sport in each of the three seasons. It's just too much.

Last winter, he decided that it was time to lighten the load a little and spend more time with his family. We discussed which sport, basketball or baseball, he should give up. It was a difficult decision. He had worked tirelessly to help rebuild both of these programs to a level where they were earning post-season appearances. In the end, baseball won out as the sport he would continue coaching.

Since football season ended, to say it's been nice having him home for a change is an understatement. We've never seen this much of each other! Not only has it given him a break, but it's allowing him a whole new coaching opportunity - 9 and 10 year old basketball in the youth sports program.

Both of our sons love basketball, but the older one has not played in a couple of years. His experiences in kindergarten and 1st grade left him preferring to shoot hoops in the backyard. But, he wanted to play "for real" again this year.

It will be a whole new world for coach working with kids this age. I think it will be great for them to have someone work with them and teach them the basic fundamentals of the sport. This will be our younger son's first year to play. That should be fun to watch as well. I'll keep you posted!